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What is teletandem?
Teletandem: Skype + Talk & Write I help you learn my language and you help me learn yours!

Language learning in tandem involves pairs of native or non-native speakers of different languages working collaboratively to learn each other's language.

Teletandem Brasil matches up Brazilian university students who wish to learn a foreign language, with students in other countries who are learning Portuguese. 

With tandem language learning, each partner is a student for one hour, learning and practising a language from the other partner. Then they switch roles and switch languages.

We do this through Windows Live Messenger or Skype that give us free voice and video communication plus text, so the partners can be anywhere in the world.

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Projeto Teletandem Brasil: Línguas estrangeiras para todos
UNESP - Universidade Estadual Paulista
Faculdade de Ciências e Letras de Assis
Av. Dom Antonio, 2100
CEP: 19806-173 Assis, SP, Brasil
Fone/Fax: (55) (18) 3302-5800 Ramal: 5723
Endereço Skype: teletandembrasil

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